Told in the first person, the SKINNED series stars Eryn McCain, dynamic, strong, and a little fragile as she fights her inner demons, caught between life as a shapeshifter and life as a human. The SKINNED series follows members of the Hunter Council into the present day with crossover characters from the STRANGEWAYS novels…the immortal ones, that is.

The series is made up of: Under My Skin (2010), Second Skin (2012), and Skin Of My Teeth (2013). Pop by the Judith Graves website for more details.

CM Magazine on Under My Skin: “Eryn emerges as a strong, independent, feisty young woman whose sense of responsibility for her “pack” and her environment wars with her wolven abilities and instincts…. fans of paranormal YA fiction will appreciate a protagonist with attitude and anticipate the next volume in the planned trilogy, Second Skin, to be released in 2011.”