Hunter Council

The SKINNED series and the STRANGEWAYS novels share similar world-building attributes. In both, the Hunter Council is a secret organization overseeing relations between humans (norms) and paranormal creatures (paranorms).

The Council has existed in one form or another since the time of the Romans, when a wolven (part human, part wolf) she-wolf birthed twin boys, Romulus and Remus. Remus, the younger of the two, is unable to control his bloodlust. When Romulus is forced to kill his own brother in order to save countless lives, he founded the great city of Rome, a great political arena, and the Hunter Council – a sentinel created to deal with rouge paranorms and built of both “awakened” humans and paranorms.


The laws paranorms and those serving on the Council must abide:


The law of Vitae – putting humans first ensures all survive. Paranorms may require human blood or flesh to survive and so they must feed. However, they must do so in such a way as to avoid drawing attention to themselves or other paranorms. This law does not, however, protect a human if his/her existence threatens Arcanum.


The law of Arcanum – ancient secret. Paranorms must not reveal their abilities to humans, must not “go rogue” and kill indescriminately. The secret of paranorm existence must remain secret in order to avoid a war between humans and paranorms. Such a war would only result in the animation of all life. Similar battles have been wadged in the past, causing the loss of entire civilizations. The Egyptians, the Aztecks, the┬áBeothuk and countless others.


The law of Suscito – the awakening. In each generation a select group of humans may be “awakened as from a dream” and told of the existence of paranorms in order to serve on the Council (which must consist of equal parts human / paranorm), or to serve as hunters (of rogue paranorms). Hunters are trained, prized, and yet expendable as a human’s lifespan is not that of a paranorm’s.