Tuesday, 30 October, 2012 04:00

A Steampunk Halloween

For the last few years, we’ve had a zombie theme for our Halloween decor, and I wasn’t expecting to ditch our tried and true exterior layout. We even purchased a life-sized moving zombie as the finishing bit of gore. But then I thought – why not have a steampunk Halloween?

Half the steam items I’ve been collecting have a creep factor to them anyway, and thus the promise of Victorian freakage sealed our fate. I began searching for steampunk Halloween themed items in the ravaged seasonal sections of box stores. While I found a few key pieces, there wasn’t much to work with.

When I discovered this wonderful blog post on making Haunted House Silhouettes, the concept of turning our house into, the dreadfully haunted, GRAVES INN, struck me like a pick-axe to the heart.

I modified the original headless woman silhouette to incorporate steampunk elements.

To construct these pieces I drew freehand on large pieces of black construction paper – then cut them out with tragically dull kitchen scissors. I’m artistic, but not an artist – there are tons of flaws in my creations – so if you’re keen to attempt silhouettes yourself, make sure to go the source for far superior efforts (and PDF patterns).

Here’s the entrance to the headless woman’s parlor:

Nothing says “welcome” like a few handy household tools and a friendly hound waiting to bite – I mean lick your face off. Happy Hauntings!